Murillo de Gállego

Casa Leandrón

Small town situated on the right side of the Gallego river 540 metres above sea level, between the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca. In the Kingdom of the Mallos, at the foot of Paña Ruaba (1 193 m) and in front of the Mallos de Riglos (1 011 m.).


Highlights the people entering the Church of San Salvador, which was built over the crypt of Saint Christ of the 12th century, with interesting altarpieces and valuable works of gold.


In the more urban, high rises the Church of the Virgin of the Liana, in what was the heart of Murillo in the middle ages. This church built in the 13th and 14th centuries was extended and build as we see it today, during the 15th century. In the surroundings of this church, are remains of a medieval cemetery with graves excavated in rock, of different sizes and irregularly placed.


In addition the municipality is composed of two districts Council and Moran.

Currently Murillo de Gállego is a barely 200 surveyed inhabitants, in the province of Zaragoza and turn the comarca of Hoya de Huesca.


The major party in the municipality is 24 August in honor to Saint Bartholomew. These have a duration of six days, they are intermingled folk groups, theatre, activities for the kids, orchestras, our ¨calderete¨ (popular dinner) and lots of surprises.


The smaller festivals celebrated in January, San Sebastián and in February, Virgin of Candelaria. This holiday season is a bonfire and popular dinner.