How do I get?

Murillo de Gállego

Murillo de Gállego is almost equidistant between major cities. This makes it a strategic meeting point for friends and families of these cities.


The nearest cities where access to Murillo de Gállego Zaragoza, Pamplona, San Sebastián and Vitoria, these and order are far between an hour road and two and a half.


Three to four hours accederíamos from Madrid, Logroño, Pau (France), Barcelona, Bilbao and a little more to Castellón and Valencia.


To access from the South (Zaragoza), it will be arriving at Huesca and at that point we will take A-132, Murillo de Gállego is located 40 km of Huesca.


If on the other hand we accede by Northern Pamplona (France) from N-330, Puente La Reina take A-132 address Huesca and Murillo de Gállego is located 40 km.

This short road at the bottom the village on a hillside.


A street showing the Saviour Church rises towards the people and without leave or take the deviation to the chapel of the Virgin of the Liana reach the square of the town, where we Park our car.


At the other extreme where just the street traíamos begins downhill Street San Juan. If we are still over 50 mts and take the first branch to our left we start to see front we House Leandrón


Casa Leandrón.
C / Morera, 1  
22808 Murillo de Gállego